1. Only students who have completed their 1st year English courses and who are in their at least second year are allowed to apply to enroll in elective language courses.

  2. Students who are in their fourth year (or, 8th semester) are not allowed to take elective language courses at 201 level (except for elective courses with ENG code).

  3. A student is allowed to take only one elective language course from the Modern Languages Department per semester.

  4. Except for elective language courses with ENG code, a student is not allowed to take courses in a second language if she/he has already successfully completed courses in one language. Students who are successful in one particular language are only allowed to take the continuing level courses in the same language. The students are allowed to take courses in a second language only after they complete all levels in one particular language.

  5. The department reserves the right to not to offer enrollment to a student who wants to repeat the elective language course if she/he has previously received a failing grade (FF-FD), has withdrawn from the course (W), or is retaking the course to increase grade. The students who are taking the course for the first time have priority in enrollment.

  6. At 201-202 level elective language courses in which there is high demand, the students are not allowed to take the courses in NI status. Only in upper level courses NI is allowed with consent.

  7. Attendance to classes is compulsory. Conflict with other classes is not an excuse.

  8. Students with a CGPA lower than 2.00 are not allowed to take elective language courses.

  9. IMPORTANT: Foreign students will not be permitted to register for an elective language course if they have not taken and passed the following must courses:

    Turk201 and Turk 202 or,

    Turk 105 and Turk 106 or,

    Turk 107 and Turk 108.