2014 Confucius China Study Plan

In order to foster deep understanding of China and the Chinese culture among young elites from around the world, enable the prosperous growth of China studies, promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes, and enhance the friendly relationship between China and the people of other countries, the Confucius Institute Headquarters has set up the “Confucius China Study Plan”*.

The Plan consists of six subprograms. The majority of financial support is provided through support of specific research and other projects on designated academic areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

1). Sino-foreign Joint Ph. D. Subprogram

2). Ph. D. in China Subprogram

3). “Understanding China” Visiting Scholar Subprogram

4). Young Leaders Subprogram

5). International Conference Subprogram

6). Publishing Subprogram

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*You can download the “Confucius China Study Plan” file from here.