CHN203 Syllabus

Intermediate Chinese 中级汉语2031

Fall,  2012 

Instructor: Wang Shanping 王善平
Tel: 0312 2107785

Office hours: 10:00-12:00, Monday -Friday.


Course AIMs 课程目标

1. Develop students’ ability to understand conversation or speech on familiar topics on a

    general occasion, grasping the main points and key information.

2. Develop students’ ability to communicate with others on those topics by employing basic

communicative strategies, expressing oneself quite clearly and with a certain degree of   


3. Develop students’ ability to read certain authentic written material on general occasions,

    obtaining the main points and key information.

4. Develop students’ ability to make notes of what one reads or listens, to give a brief

   description or explanation on familiar topics, including one’s own past experience, in

   basically well-formed sentences, the language being basically clear and with a certain

   degree of coherence

5. Help students to know some target language culture


Course Descriptions 课程说明

The course trains students to interact with Chinese language and culture using the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Subjects include Chinese language and culture. Topics covered in this course are generally related to daily life. Classes are focused on student performance and are conducted mostly in Chinese.


Prerequisite 先修课程: Beginner I and II , or equivalent as demonstrated in reading and oral exams


Specifications required 具体要求:

  • listen to, identify and produce the basic sounds of Pinyin
  • begin to indentify Chinese character pronunciation
  • know that Chinese is a tonal language and Putonghua has four tones and a neutral one
  • master 300 common Chinese characters toward proficiency in the four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing; and master 300 words related to daily life and school life
  • recognize basic components of characters and radicals
  • recognize strokes and stroke order of characters
  • know and master basic word order, common sentence patterns, general questions and negative sentences; common nouns, numerals and measure words, personal pronouns, basic expressions to describe a person or an object, common verbs adjectives and adverbs of degree
  • know major communicative functions such as greetings, thanks, apologies and farewells
  • use body language or material objects to enhance everyday communication situations
  • learn to know cuisine and costumes and some common aspects of Chinese culture


Grading 成绩

20% :Class participation and attendance

30% :Mid-term examination

50%: Final examination (examination includes written and oral parts)


Class schedule 课程安排

The following schedule is tentative and may be changed at the discretion of the instructor to reflect the class’s rate progress


Week 1 Unit 1 今天又是阴天《长城汉语》(book 4)                     

            +《当代中文》 Unit 1

Week 2     Unit 2   他正在上网呢

          +《当代中文》 Unit 2

Week 3    Unit 3   早上跑步时我的习惯

          +《当代中文》 Unit 3

Week 4    Unit 4   那儿生活方便吗

           +《当代中文》 Unit 4

Week 5    Unit 5   我想寄一份信

          +《当代中文》 Unit 5

Week 6      Unit 6   今天汇率是多少

          +《当代中文》 Unit 6

Week 7         Review + Midterm

Week 8    Unit 7   这件衣服对年轻人不合适

          +《当代中文》 Unit 7

Week 9    Unit 8    我有点感冒

          +《当代中文》 Unit 8

Week 10   Unit 9   我们去看球赛吧

          +《当代中文》 Unit

Week 11   Unit 10  你以前来过北京吗

          +《当代中文》 Unit 9

Week12  Unit 1 (book 4)现在开始上课

        +《当代中文》 Unit 10

 Week13  Unit 2   你在大学学习什么专业

        +《当代中文》 Unit 11

Week 14    Unit 3   你习惯中国校园生活吗

        +《当代中文》 Unit 12

Week 15  Final exam 期末考试


Required Texts 教科书

《长城汉语》第三册4练习册  北京语言大学出版社

《当代中文》 、练习册、汉字本   吴中伟  华语教学出版社

*Additional readings are assigned on weekly basis (see course schedule).