CHN202 Syllabus

Chinese Beginner II初级汉语20202

Fall, 2012

Instructor: Jinjuan Chen 陈锦娟

Tel: 0312 2107787

Class hours: Tuesday 15:40-17:40 Thursday 15:40-17:40


Course Objectives:

By the end of this semester, the students are supposed to be able to

1. Understand clearly articulated simple words and common phrases in everyday life; understand simple discourse that is related to personal experiences; understand questions or simple instructions that are closely related to personal life; obtain concrete information involving numerals, time and places from conversations.

2. Make oneself understood by others by limited means and to express one’s basic needs; ask simple questions or give simple answers concerning very familiar topics in personal or everyday life; provide basic information about oneself.

3. Understand approximately the most common instructions in written form.

4. Record, fill in, or copy basic information that is closely related to oneself, one’s family or one’s life.

5. Get to know some etiquette of social intercourses in China.


Course Descriptions

The course trains students to interact with Chinese language and culture using the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Subjects include Chinese language and culture. Topics covered in this course are generally related to daily life. Classes are focused on student performance and are conducted mostly in Chinese.


Prerequisite: Beginner I, or equivalent as demonstrated in reading and oral exams


Specifications required:

  • listen to, identify and produce the basic sounds of Pinyin
  • begin to indentify Chinese character pronunciation
  • know that Chinese is a tonal language and Putonghua has four tones and a neutral one
  • master150 common Chinese characters toward proficiency in the four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing; and master 150 words related to daily life and school life
  • recognize basic components of characters and radicals
  • recognize strokes and stroke order of characters
  • know and master basic word order, common sentence patterns, general questions and negative sentences; common nouns, numerals and measure words, personal pronouns, basic expressions to describe a person or an object, common verbs adjectives and adverbs of degree
  • know major communicative functions such as greetings, thanks, apologies and farewells
  • use body language or material objects to enhance everyday communication situations
  • learn to know cuisine and costumes and some common aspects of Chinese culture
  • Write simple everyday expressions dates, time or previously learned numbers
  • Enter name and nationality on a form




10% :Attendance

10% :Class performance

30% :Mid-term examination

50%: Final examination (examination includes written and oral parts)


Course Schedule (tentative)




Week 1

第一单元 10月1日是我的生日 October 1st is my birthday

文化活动Cultural activities


第二单元 你现在在哪儿 Where are you now

文化活动Cultural activities


第三单元 我的包是红色的

文化活动Cultural activities


第四单元 从这儿怎么走 How can I get there from here

文化活动Cultural activities


第五单元 一共一百八十八元八角八分 One hundred and eighty-eighty yuan, eight jiao and eight fen in all

文化活动Cultural activities


第六单元 你来点菜吧 You please order the dishes

文化活动Cultural activities


第七单元 喂,请问金经理在吗 Hello, is Manager Kim there, please

文化活动Cultural activities


第八单元 你的房间大不大 Is your room big or small

文化活动Cultural activities


第九单元 我们还是坐出租车吧 Let`s take a taxi

文化活动Cultural activities


第十单元 没问题 我帮你 No problem, I`ll help you

文化活动Cultural activities

Week 15

Final exam 期末考试


Required Texts 教科书

《长城汉语》第二册练习册 北京语言大学出版社

*Additional readings and cultural activities are assigned on weekly basis (see course schedule).