CHN201 Syllabus

Chinese Beginner I初级汉语20101

Fall,  2012 

Instructor: Qingfa LV 吕庆发 
Tel: 0312 2107787

Class hours: Monday 15:40-17:40 Thursday 15:40-17:40


Course Description:

 The course is designed for students who are interested in learning about other cultures and languages, and who have no previous knowledge of Chinese language. This course mainly introduces the student to Chinese language, through the development of the basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also included is an examination of Chinese culture through an exploration of its historical roots and its most significant social, literary and artistic trends. The ultimate goal of the course is that students will gain awareness and appreciation of and insight into the Chinese culture.


Course Objectives:

    By the end of this course, the students will

  • be able to comprehend simple sentences in Chinese;
  • be able to speak beginner level Chinese, producing sentences for introducing themselves, carrying on meaningful conversation, shopping or asking for assistance, etc;
  • have and use a basic Chinese vocabulary range
  • have a general idea about Chinese character and will be able to conjugate for radicals and strokes;
  • be familiar with the general social, psychological and political underpinnings of what it means to be ‘Chinese’ in history and in this age;
  • have acquired competency in major events in Chinese history and culture; and the current issues in China; and be able to do research and converse on these topics;

have developed and used language learning strategies that will help not only with improving their Chinese, but with learning other languages too.


Course Materials:

You should have a course book on Week 2 at the Confucius Institute

  1. Learn Chinese with me 1 (including the workbook and CD).
  2. Visual materials and extracts from Great Wall Chinese and several other books on Chinese history and culture.
  3. All materials used during course hours and additional study materials will be posted on Blackboard regularly.

        You may make use of the following for self-study purposes:

  1. The official Website of Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Online Chinese-English Dictionary:


Testing and Evaluation:

           Final Exam  (W+O)                             50%

           Midterm                                                30%

           Attendance and participation           10%

           Quizzes and presentation                10%

          (Quizzes are announced but pls. note that there may also be pop-quizzes anytime!)


90-100 AA

85-89   BA

80-84   BB

75-79   CB

70-74   CC

65-69   DC

60-64   DD

59 and below F


Course Requirements:

        Attendance and participation (10%):

All students are expected to attend each class and to focus on the course in class (not on things extraneous to the course).

Students will NOT be allowed absence. Such excuses (illness, family problems, examinations, etc) are to be e-mailed to the instructor, but it is completely at her disposal to accept them or not. Each absence will result in a reduction of the final grade.

Please note that no make-up exams or quizzes will be given, and no late assignments or papers will be accepted unless the instructor has granted prior approval.

        Midterm (30%)/Final EXAM  (50%):

There will be two sections to contribute to your Final Exam grade:

a) Written Section: You will be responsible for ALL topics covered throughout the semester. The questions will cover language sessions and culture topics, and cultural experiences. The exact date will be announced by your instructor.

b) Oral Section: In the oral exam the student will have to show their knowledge of Chinese vocabulary with correct pronunciation, read before the instructor a short text in Chinese and answer a couple of comprehension questions about the same text, and answer short questions  in Chinese. This will take place in your instructor’s office and/or a classroom at a pre-designated time.


Possible Course Schedule:

日期   DATE

内容      CONTENT



第一课 你好 Hello



二课 再见 Goodbye



三课 我是王家明 I am Wangjiaming



四课 谢谢 Thank you



五课 她们是学生吗 Are they students



六课 他们是我的朋友 They are my friends



七课 他是谁 Who is he



八课 谁是你的好朋友 Who is your friend



九课 你有几张中文光盘 How many Chinese CDs do you have



十课 这是谁的钱包 Whose wallet is this



十一课 祝你生日快乐 Happy birthday to you



第十二 今天我很高兴 I am happy today



第十三 你多大 How old are you



十四课 这是我的狗 This is my dog



十五课 你从哪里来 Where are you from



十六课 我住在柏树街 I live at Baishu Street



十七课 你家有几口人 How many people are there in your family



第十八课 我爸爸是医生 My father is a doctor