Chinese for METU Students

Read the steps carefully please.



Elective language courses will be closed to interactive registration. Students who would like to take a language elective course from this department should follow the procedure below:


1. Applications to take an elective course will be made during the first class hour of the courses, starting on 12-16 February 2018. Students will be asked to fill in a form during this hour. Therefore, students should be present in the first session of the course and section that fits into their own programmes.


2. The list of students who are accepted to the course will be announced before the following class.


3. Students who are accepted to the course should bring their transcripts with them and show them to the instructor for CGPA control, before their elective cards are signed. The instructor may also ask to see the transcripts of the previous terms to check if a student is complying with the prerequisites set by the department. (Transcripts can be obtained from the Internet)


4. If a student is accepted to the course but does not attend classes during the first week, s/he will be dropped from the course and a new student from the waiting list will be permitted to take the course instead of him/her.


5. Students who are accepted to elective courses will finalize their registration during the Add-Drop period starting on 19 February – 23 February 2018. 


ImportantForeign students will not be permitted to register for a language elective course if they have not taken and passed the below must courses.

Turk201 and Turk202     or,

Turk105 and Turk106     or,

Turk107 and Turk108.

Schedule of Modern Language Department Chinese Courses at Confucius Institute(2019.02-2019.07)